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Senior Expert on the Human Resource Management

liudmyla 22/02/2017 4 866 Vacancies

Reform of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (SCMU) is one of the key reforms of the GoU Action Plan for 2017. This reform is part of the public administration reform (PAR) and stands on the same priority level as the civil service and the central executive bodies’ reforms.
The current speed and quality of reforms at the SCMU are way bellow society and Ministry’s expectations. At the same time, actual changes have not occurred yet due to the lack of strong coordination of the reform process at the SCMU level and absence of qualified staff with required experience and skills.

HRM Senior Expert will be responsible for developing recommendations and provide input for draft regulations necessary to build modern and strong HRM function within SCMU and to streamline the capacity building of SCMU in line with optimization of the organizational structure and core business processes (operational model) of the SCMU.

Terms of Reference: ToR_Senior_HRM_SCMU.pdf

The closing date for applications is March 9, 2017
Please send your applications to: prsm@fsr.org.ua
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