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Call for proposal to conduct two sociological surveys

irynam 19/04/2021 297 Site News / Vacancies

Within the framework of the project "Support to Government Reforms in Ukraine" (SURGe) together with the State Service for Education Quality of Ukraine it is planned to conduct a research of stakeholders opinions on quality of education services in special school and in general secondary schools that are located in rural areas.


Legal entities that specialize in high quality sociological surveys and analysis are invited to submit their commercial proposals.


List of documents:

1. Information about the supplier (proven expert potential, proven research experience during the last two years).

2. Commercial proposal indicating the detailed budgets of each of the studies, sampling, stages and timing of the study, proposals for moderators for focus group research in Study 2.

3. Copies of registration documents (extract from the state registration database, taxpayer's certificate / certificate, other permits, licenses and documents if available).


Commercial proposals to be sent to e-mail lilya.drozdyk@gmail.com

Deadline 17:00 on April 30, 2021.

The subject of the e-mail should be specified: "Commercial proposal for the stakeholder opinion surveys".


Selection criteria:

● professional experience in the field of sociological research, in particular on education related issues;

● experience of providing such services to Ukrainian non-profit organizations or international non-governmental organizations will be an advantage;

● cost of services;

● professional staff with knowledge and experience in this field;

● ability to provide services in a timely manner.


Detailed ToR for the 2 studies is attached here in PDF terms-of-reference-nas-on-special-school-and-rural-schools.pdf

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