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Cabinet approved the list of administrative services to be provided to the CNAP during quarantine

Admin 25/03/2020 187 Site News

During the quarantine period, citizens will still be able to obtain essential services from administrative service centers (ASCs).
SURGe, funded by Global Affairs Canada, through the Administrative Services Office (ASO) reform team, supported by Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation in developing a new CMU Decree that was approved on March 20. The Decree sets a list of services that will be provided by ASCs during the quarantine period, including: obtaining a new passport and updating the passport photo at the age of 25 or 45, YeMalyatko service (10 in 1 related to child birth), obtaining a new driver's license in case of loss or damage, registration of a place of residence, applying for financial assistance, utility subsidies and other.
Also, citizens are encouraged to use online services and / or to contact ASCs by phone.

Please read below the full article that was posted by  Ludmyla Rabchynska

⚡️ Cabinet has given a list of admínposlug that will be provided in cnap during quarantine

While the whole country is on quarantine, public institutions change the principles of their work and limit the reception of citizens. We remind citizens to refrain from personal visits to receive services.

But how to act when service is urgent or vital? For example, without a passport or a new vkleênoí̈ photo card, citizens cannot fully realize their rights. Without subsidy or state assistance, it is difficult to hold through this severe period.

Therefore, we are in Mincifr, together with Mykhailo Fedorov and the CNAP community, created a list of non-standard services that will be provided in CNAP. Happy to announce that the list is adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers on March 20!

❤️ also specially for cnap we have prepared posters that can be printed and hang on the facade of the center. About what to contact the consult online or by phone, and the request to leave in the mailbox. They can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/2Ucxu1C

❗️ services provided in cnap during quarantine

▪️ creative passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
▪️ vkleûvannâ photo card to passport when achieving 25 or 45 years;
▪️ complex service êmalâtko;
▪️ repatriation of permission to participate in the road movement of the vehicle, the parameters of which exceed regulatory;
▪️ consent of the routes of transport movement during the transportation of dangerous loads;
▪️ Registration, registration and withdrawal of vehicle accounting belonging to health care or due to the loss of tehpasports;
▪️ repatriation of driver's license instead of lost or kidnapped;
▪️ State registration of the birth of a physical person and its origin;
▪️ State registration of death;
▪️ subsidy on payment of municipal wholesale services;
▪️ creative benefits on the purchase of solid and liquid fuel fuel and skraplenogo gas;
▪️ creative temporary assistance to children, the parents of which are uhilâûtʹsâ from the payment of alimony, do not have the opportunity to hold a child or
▪️ creative rewards to women who are assigned the honorable rank of "Mother-heroine";
▪️ creative assistance in connection with pregnancy and childbirth to those who are not insured in the state social security system;
▪️ creative help when delivery, child adoption, on children, over which custody and care or single mothers are installed;
▪️ registration or withdrawal of residence, repatriation of registration inquiries;
▪️ creative permission to violate objects of beautification.

✍️ Important: the organ that created cnap can extend the list of non-standard services at its own discretion.

? Last. Very please respect the employees of the CNAP, because these people remain working in difficult conditions for you not to be left without urgent services. Don't go to public institutions without acute need. Receiving services in most cases can be postponed, and taking care of yourself and others is not.

? Thank you very much for your help Валентина Bartošik Наталія Homič Наталія Homič Евгения Abramova (Evgenia Abramova) Лариса Карп'як Богдан Pitelʹ Наталия Tkač Наталія Šamraj Олександр Andrêêv (Oleksandr Andrieiev) Anastasia Demyanchuk Katya Chubuk Наталія Marčuk Ivan Turchak Дмитрий Makovskij
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