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I am a Reformer!

Admin 15/11/2016 2 566 Site News

Reforms. This word triggers many different associations, but of the images it conjures, you probably won’t think of a person. Reforms are impersonal. As if they are implemented by some soulless machine operated by abstract chinovnyky (bureaucrats), as caricatures with worn briefcases and old-fashioned hats on.

The Photo Exhibition "I am a Reformer" breaks stereotypes.

Because of its characters – they are managers, government officials, project managers. But they are not chinovnyky.

They are young, energetic people. They do not hide behind the attributes of power.
They have no need for the bureaucratic hat. Conversely, they show the anachronism, absurdity and uselessness of this accessory. They do not speak the dry and confusing language of bureaucracy. They do speak clearly and simply about what has been achieved and what will be done in the future. They talk openly about their lives as well as their work. This is shows not only their desire for reform, but also a willingness to take responsibility for the result.
What else can inspire people to not fear the change - than to become a part of it?

Photo exhibition "I am a Reformer" will be presented in the Museum of Kyiv history on November 16-29 from 11:00 until 19:00.
Address: Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho St, 7, Kyiv, Ukraine
Free entrance.

I am a Reformer!

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